Sponsorship is invited, in full or part towards the purchase of components for the locomotive and/or tenders. For guidance on which parts or activities can be supported, please read through the component list below or contact the Trust directly to discuss your requirements.

Each gift of £150 or greater can be recorded on our "Roll of Honour". Checkout

In order to sponsor a component either please click and nominate the component as instructed below. 

To nominate the component you wish to support please add description/part number from the table below in to the "I would like to leave the charity a message"  (140 CHARACTERS MAX.)


Complete and return this Sponsorship Form and nominate the component(s) you wish to sponsor by description/part number. 

Note: The component list is currently being revised and updated to more accurately reflect the changing needs of the build. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out our current requirements.


The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust wish to record their grateful thanks to the A1SLT Team for their kind help and support to the B17 project.