Key Assets

mframe front 210202019 reduced   In position at CTL Seal 201020 reduced
Complete static chassis on the day it was Rail Regulation approved by Ricardo Rail's inspector in 2019, at our (then) base in Llangollen.    The chassis just after arriving at our new home at CTL Seal Ltd. in Sheffield in October 2020.


Third tender in place

 From left to right, the three tenders owner by the Trust.

2. LNER Tender complete with water tank

2. LNER Tender chassis previously used as a sludge carrier

3. GE tender chassis


The two 'Spirit of Sandringham' when presented to two directors of the Trust by the three sponsors in 2016.

Alongside one of the Spirit of Sandringham splasher nameplates is the original nameplate of Helmingham Hall, owned by the Trust.

The display is at Helmingham Hall Classic Car Show in 2019 in Suffolk, and is shown pictured with the Hall's owner Baron Tollemarche.

Helmingham nameplate and Edward Tollemache