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The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust

Privacy Policy

Replacing the Data Protection Act 2000 with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from 25 May 2018

This is about keeping your data safe.


The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust (the Trust) is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information and this will apply to its members, sponsors, donors and supporters.

When you become a member of the Trust, make a donation or subscribe to our mailing list the information which you provide to us – which may include your name, postal and/or email address, phone number and membership subscription and/or donation payment details – is used and retained by us for the purposes of providing the most efficient service for you and the Trust consistently with the furtherance of the Trust’s objectives. We may also send you information about future events, fund-raising appeals and other activities which may be of interest. We may also ask you about your skills which we could make use of to benefit the Trust’s activities.


Our approach to your privacy is based on the legitimate interest basis of the GDPR and operates in accordance with the following principles: –

  • Security – Information which you disclose to us will be stored only on a password-protected database, which could be located on international third party servers. All efforts have been taken to confirm that all third parties meet the requirements of GDPR and the Privacy Shield Agreement.
  • Communications – We will communicate with you either by email, letter or telephone. Email unless encrypted is not a fully secure means of communication. However, we do endeavour to keep our systems and communications protected against viruses and other harmful effects but we cannot bear responsibility for all communications being virus free.
  • Limited information – We will hold only such information as is required to provide the services which you have requested.
  • Non-disclosure – We will not disclose any information which you give us to third parties.
  • Your right to opt-out – Any consent which you have given for the use of your information may be withdrawn by you at any time by contacting the Trust in writing.
  • Annual Review – We review the data which we hold on an annual basis to determine whether it is still appropriate for us to keep it. If you do not respond to our communications for three years, we will not contact you further unless you ask to be included in our communications, subject to any legal requirements such as those governing Gift Aid regulations (which require us to retain records for seven years).

How we use your personal data

The personal information which you provide to us is used principally for the following purposes:-

  • processing your membership or donation
  • sending you information relating to our activities
  • subject to your consent sharing your name, email address or telephone number with the other members of the Trust. Please note that the Trust itself cannot be responsible for the security of your data when held as such by such other members.
  • updating you about changes to our website

Your rights

You can at any time:-

  • withdraw any consent which you have given relating to your personal data
  • ask us to correct any inaccuracies in your personal data
  • ask us to stop processing your personal data either in some respects or altogether and/or to erase it
  • ask us for a copy of your personal data
  • lodge a complaint relating to the use of your personal data with the Information Commissioner’s Office or the Fundraising Regulator.

Changes to this policy

We keep our privacy policy under review, and we may change the policy at any time. The latest policy is available on our website.

May 2018