AGM 2021 report – 9th October 2021

As last year this was a Zoom meeting.

1.1      INTRODUCTION Chairman Brian Hall opened the meeting at 15.00 by welcoming the members and giving apologies for absence. The agenda covered both the formalities required of us as a charitable trust, other topics and a member’s discussion forum.


The minutes of the 9th Annual General Meeting were formally accepted by those present.


1.3.1   Income and Membership Trends

For the year under review, income had increased by 52% to £124,397, a magnificent result when we were unable to have any promotional stands due to Covid-19 restrictions.

There had also been a welcome increase in all the other Trust’s various appeals/sponsorship and grateful thanks was expressed to all those who have contributed.

1.3.2   The 2020 Raffle - despite the effects of the pandemic lockdown, the 2020 raffle nevertheless made a profit of over £1,500 so a massive thanks to the organiser Richard Taylor for all his efforts.

The 2021 Raffle will be drawn on Saturday 20th November.

1.3.3   The Big Move - an illustrated review of the move of the frames and tenders to Sheffield was given.

1.3.4   Developing Relationships with CTL Seal Ltd.

A presentation was made setting out how the Trust plans to work with CTL Seal in the construction of the locomotive over the coming years. This included arrangements for access by members (permission must be obtained beforehand); holding promotional activities on their premises; management of the project & work related matters; accreditation and quality assurance processes; insurance.

The process for ordering work, agreeing charging rates and auditing work was also explained.

Ultimately the compliance with most of the above would be achieved in conjunction with as Independent Assessment Authority, in our case this is Ricardo Rail Ltd of Derby.

1.3.5   The latest situation regarding moving the ex-Manchester United project tender from Woking to Sheffield was explained. The old mock-up has now been dismantled and we are just waiting for our preferred haulier to source an appropriate flatbed/driver to transport the track components to Sheffield in advance of the tender itself.


A summary of the current financial situation was given.

Income for the financial year under review totalled £124,397 compared to £81,407 in the prior year. During this same period £88,372 capital was spent on the engine

The 61673 Constructors Club has raised a total of £34,596 by year end and this money has been/can be allocated to any unspecified activity toward the locomotive’s construction.


Directors standing for re-election in 2020, Brian Hall, Henry Mullens and Alan Warren, were re-elected.


None received


None received


None received



2.1      Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction

Brian Hall gave an illustrated explanation of the bearing spring assembly components and cylinder design improvements, including optimisation of steam flow to the cylinders

2.2 Membership, IT and Social Media

John Pearson stated that membership continues to rise commensurate with progress in the manufacture of parts, our re-establishment in Sheffield and responses to our promotional presentations.

Our Facebook page has increased its number of followers from 35 to 830 in the year, interest triggered by ‘The Big Move’. An issue is how we convert these ‘followers’ to full membership.

Our website is a window for the world to learn of our progress. The online shop is now fully functional with shopping basket and a PayPal service.

2.3      Wills and Legacies

The importance of wills and legacies in helping the Trust to reach its goals was explained.

Attention was drawn to the tri-fold leaflet now available to explain the process – this can be accessed by going to https://www.b17steamloco.co.uk/how-to-help/wills-and-legacy or by writing to the Trust.

2.4      Publicity and Marketing

On behalf of John Peat, Alan Warren outlined our relationship with all the major railway enthusiast magazines and the success of an article in the magazine of the University of the Third Age, resulting in donations and significant offers of help.

In the past year, the Trust had seen the biggest growth in B17 branded merchandise since 2011.

2.5      Promotional Events

As lockdown measures have been relaxed, the Trust has seen an increase in opportunities to attend heritage railways with the sales stand and a list of future event dates was given.

2.6      B17 Enterprises Ltd.

Larry Sampson gave an overview of the products currently available from the online shop and how an improved distribution system had helped stock control.

2.7      Financial Planning

Larry Sampson stressed the need to have a sound financial plan in order to raise the £3m+ needed to build the locomotive. This included the urgent need to appoint a Financial Manager from among the membership. The importance of seeking and obtaining commercial sponsorship was also explained

2.8      Educational Support Programme

Larry Sampson explained the latest situation in relation to the awaited approval of our ‘Spotlight on Specifics: Materials’ information. We have also now made contact with three schools in Sheffield who are showing an interest in our education support programme. Our links with Sheffield University have strengthened during the period under review, working with the undergraduates and staff on their RCAS Challenge and our Tender Design Brief.


There being no further business, the meeting was formally closed.


AGM 2020 Report - 10th OCTOBER 2020

This was our first ever Zoom meeting


1.1      INTRODUCTION Chairman Brian Hall opened the meeting at 11.30 by welcoming the members and giving apologies for absence. The agenda covered both the formalities required of us as a charitable trust, other topics and a member’s discussion forum.


The minutes of the 8th Annual General Meeting were formally accepted by those present.


1.3.1   Income and Membership Trends

Membership continued to grow at a steady rate.

It was noted that the Spokes in My Wheel Fund is closed, as all 6 wheels have now been funded!

Grateful thanks to all those who have contributed to the Trust’s various appeals.

1.3.2   2019 Raffle

The 2019 raffle made a profit of £3,000 so a massive thanks to the organiser Richard Taylor for all his efforts.

The 2020 Raffle will be drawn on Saturday 21st November


A presentation was given in respect of the efforts being taken to involve the various Premier and Football League clubs whose names were once carried by the B17s. This is to gauge their interest in being involved with the construction of 61673. The first example quoted was Grimsby Town who received a presentation from the Trust in August 2019.


A short presentation was given outlining the various sales events that had taken place in the last financial year up to the point of cancellation of all further “in-person” events until the Coronavirus pandemic is over. Grateful appreciation was expressed to all those who have manned the stands etc across the country up to this time.

1.3.5   WORKING WITH OUR PARTNERS AND SUPPLIERS Again, a presentation was made setting out how the Trust plans to work with CTL Seal and other suppliers who will be involved in the construction of the locomotive over the coming years. A summary of the discussion explaining the preferred working model is that the Trust will need to demonstrate assurance, value and transparency to B17 Members and the Independent Assurance Authority by a) Audit Review and Evaluation of Process Controls, b) Manufacturing Capability, Skill Competencies and Training c) Accreditation and Quality Assurance Processes and d) Management Controls.

The process for obtaining components from our suppliers for the locomotive was summarised as - Request for Quotation/Quotation Evaluated/Purchase Order/Define requirement, drawing, sheet technical, 3D model/file (Solidworks)/Communication and cooperative working are the key! The introduction of a brand new LNER class B17 steam locomotive, to the modern mainline network, is considered as a significant change by the Rail Authority. The B17 SLT must therefore comply with the statutory requirement for undertaking a full and sufficient risk assessment, to identify potential problem areas and corresponding mitigations, subject to independent assessment to ensure that safe working methods and results have been obtained

Ultimately this compliance would be achieved in conjunction with as Independent Assessment Authority, in our case this is Ricardo Rail Ltd of Derby.


A summary of the current financial situation was given.

Income for the financial year under review totalled £81,407 compared to £80,600 in the prior year.

The 61673 Constructors Club has raised a total of £25,893 by year end and this money has been/can be allocated to any unspecified activity toward the locomotive’s construction.


Directors standing for re-election in 2020, Laurence Sampson and John Pearson, were re-elected


None received


None received


None received



The Proposal was to combine membership to 1-year renewal only and increase the membership fee to £35.

The number of eligible members affected by this proposal is 36, of which 75% must consent to the proposal = 27 minimum.

The result was that 28 members were in favour, 4 against and 4 abstained (did not reply).

The proposal was therefore accepted and becomes effective from the next membership renewal date on or after 1st January 2021.


3.1      THE BIG MOVE

The main topic of this part of the Annual General Meeting gave more information on the move of the tenders from Dereham and the locomotive frames from Llangollen to the premises of CTL Seal Ltd. in Sheffield.


Larry Sampson explained the current situation in respect of the STEM project and volunteering.

The meeting was then closed and members thanked for their participation in the Trust’s first ‘Zoom’ AGM.


AGM 2019 report - 14th September 2019

Chairman Brian Hall opened the meeting at 11.30 by welcoming the members and giving apologies for absence. The agenda covered both the formalities required of us as a charitable trust, other topics and a member’s discussion forum.


The minutes of the 2018 AGM were formally accepted.

1..      DIRECTOR'S REPORT (Brian Hall)

1.2.1 A full report was given by Brian covering membership levels, the income from various sources and the continuing success of the Spoke in my Wheel  and the Constructors Club campaigns.

1.2.2   Spirit of Sandringham themed studies with STEM

Pilots in 5 trial schools located in Essex for a one year programme in GCSE Science and Design and Technology for ‘A’ Level students. Results in year one has been considered successful and a second year programme has been confirmed by HMI. For more details see para. 2.1.

1.2.3   Events     A record year on the road

There are 44 events being held, or planned, for 2019, including eleven 90th anniversary events, commemorating the first ten B17 locomotives in to operational service. (See section 7 for more details)

1.2.4   Design and Manufacture

a)         Locomotive                                                                                                      

Construction at Llangollen – Static Mainframe Structure completed

b)         Rolling Chassis

With the completion and approval of the static mainframe, the engineering effort is now concentrating on the rolling chassis. The rolling chassis combines the static mainframe and all parts associated with each axle set for each pair of coupled wheels.

The introduction of a brand new LNER class B17 steam locomotive, to the modern mainline network, is considered as a significant change by the Rail Authority. The B17 SLT must therefore comply with the statutory requirement for undertaking a full and sufficient risk assessment, to identify potential problem areas and corresponding mitigations, subject to independent assessment to ensure that safe working methods and results have been obtained.

The design is complete and formally issued into B17 Build Standard. The full design and manufacturing proposal is to be submitted to Ricardo Rail for approval. Suppliers have been identified and RFQs will be issued after approval, followed by purchase orders issued against agreed quotations. The design definition has already been shared with Llangollen in discussions on the construction.

Approximately half of the funds required for the manufacture of parts and sub-assemblies for the rolling chassis are available and these have been generously donated by our members and supporters. This has been achieved through the 61673 Constructors Club, sponsorship via the ‘Spoke in my Wheel’ campaign and sponsorship of specific parts as well as general donations. All of these contributions and the continued support from our members and supporters are very much appreciated.

 c)        Tenders                                                                                                                      

Structural assessment of our two tenders remains outstanding in order to determine cost effective variant for main line use. It is hoped to get Ricardo Rail to do this assessment before any commitments are made.

Recent Rail Press announcements have stated that we are sharing an order for new spring hangers with NR Snowploughs and the V4 new build.  This is an error, as we have not committed due to the unknown situation with our tender options.

d)         Boiler

We have carried out an appraisal of an alternative supplier for boiler design & manufacture. The Trust visited Great Northern Steam Ltd, of Stockton On Tees – 21st March 2019. They have practical boiler experience gained from working with NYMR. They recommended an all steel firebox and boiler combining both welding + riveting the structure. There is a follow up meeting with SDRE in mid-October.

1.2.5   Members' day out

All details of the 2018 and 2019 members' day(s) out have been reported in detail previously in the newsletter.

1.3      ANNUAL ACCOUNTS (Henry Mullens)

Henry Mullens outlined all the conditions that affect the financial state of the Trust


 Directors standing for re-election in 2019, John Peat and Peter Wright were re-elected  

1.4.1   Summary of director’s functional responsibilities 

Brian Hall – Engineering & Chairman,

Henry Mullens – Finance,  

John Pearson – Governance, Membership, GDPR & Records,

John Peat –  Project Manager & Communications,    

Larry Sampson – Resource Development,

Peter Wright – Archivist & Historian                                                                                                                       



“At this point in time of the development and manufacture of our project we have spoken with/speaking to NINE other new build projects.” This is to discuss things like common design between locomotives, LNER custom and practice, and developments on other new builds that we could use in the future. So please be assured this is happening as part of our “day job”.

1.8      RESPONSES TO MEMBER’S QUESTIONS – NONE RECEIVED                            

  The lunch break was taken at the end of the formal part of the meeting 


2.1      B17 Enterprises Start up

Larry Sampson explained the reasons for setting up a separate Company at this time. We are about to enter a new phase when the cost of new parts for the locomotive far outweighs the bank balance. We therefore need to raise our game on fund raising. This will involve sponsorship and separating our fund-raising activities from the business of making the locomotive.

We asked a number of volunteers to buy shares in the new Company and some of these shareholders volunteered to act as Directors for an initial period of 18months.

These Directors then assumed specific responsibilities as follows:-

Richard Taylor             Promotional stand:     Geoff Starns               Purchasing

Henry Mullens             Finance:                      John Pearson            Logistics and stock control

Larry Sampson           Chairman

In addition we welcomed the help of 2 more colleagues:-

John Peat, Product Development and Publicity and Jacky Jackson, Administration

Whilst we do not have to have an AGM as a limited Company, we wish to be totally open with Trust members and so we propose to hold a short AGM every year. Next year members will be able to elect Directors when the current volunteers end their initial 18 month period.

Richard Taylor gave a brief account of the sales activity for the year and asked for any suggestions for new venues for the coming year. 

John Peat gave an account of the development work which produced the new products on display, as well as suggestions for future new products. He also displayed the new Calendar for 2020 and invited members to purchase one.

Finally, Larry Sampson summarised the progress made since the Company started trading in May and presented Brian Hall with a cheque for the Trust based upon the profits made by B17E since May.

2.2      Llangollen Engineering Update

Brian Hall explained to the members what had been going on at the Llangollen Railway Engineering Department. Brian explained that although there had been a significant change in responsibilities within the Llangollen organisation as a result of those problems our project has not been affected. Brian is now working with the LR's new CME, Gareth Winter, on our requirements for the rolling chassis and will continue with project reviews as appropriate as the rolling chassis develops.

2.3.     STEM Update

Larry Sampson reported on the first 12 months work, completed by over 60 students at A Level and over 220 students at GCSE, using the Spotlight on Specifics support materials in our 5 trial schools. The first year had progressed reasonably well and LS shared the summary of a report from Ofsted, which had been received, and which gave some guidance for the second year of the trial. The team have received the total report running to some 15 pages and finance for the trial schools in the second year had been accepted. It was hoped that a meeting with interested publishers might be arranged at some point in the next few months.


3.1      Membership Drive Initiative

Membership Appeal for 2020. We have a need to attract more members and need an incentive to attract them. There were a number of suggestions for this including reduced fees, free gifts from our merchandise and a directed appeal for members with specific skills (e.g. an expertise in selling on eBay)

3.2      Internal Communications  

Internal communications between members and the Board. It was suggested that members might find it beneficial if we set up a ‘closed’ discussion forum attached to our website. This would allow members to exchange views without comments from non members and allow the Board to consult in a non binding way. Unfortunately, there was no support from the membership present.

3.3      Local Community Outreach

Local  area group example (John Peat Norfolk and Suffolk).

As with Blickling Hall, we are working with them on historical and geographical links for the locomotive.

Subsequently, I made formal contact with the management team and an initial meeting was held with them in mid-August. As you can imagine there is a lot of historical common ground between this route and our project and this is now being explored. The aim of these activities is to share knowledge and hopefully bring more publicity for the B17 SLT.

We continue to work with both rail based and general publications. I learned from one of the editors of a rail magazine that they apply the “so what” principle to any input. This means in modern parlance “No fake news”. In addition to articles, we do occasionally use adverts. This year, for the first time, we have tried a flyer in subscription copies of Steam Railway.

John Pearson and Glen Matthews have recently updated and improved the structure of the website, including the provision of the on-line shop. (For more details see para. 8,3).

3.4      Newsletter format and distribution

It was suggested that the Trust had to be cogniscent of the ‘green’ Agenda in the 21st Century. As steam engines are not necessarily very eco friendly, we have to ensure that everything else that we do have a zero carbon footprint. In this respect it was suggested that we might have to charge a small surcharge on printed copies of the Newsletter, in order to offset the carbon ‘footprint’. This was reluctantly accepted but there was no enthusiasm for the suggestion that we might improve the appearance of the current Newsletter in order to make it better ‘value for money’.

3.6       The meeting closed at 15.30.

B17 Members Interim meeting – March 2019

A very successful meeting was held at the Holiday Inn hotel in Stevenage, with about 40 members in attendance.

Displayed around the room were:

  • Helmingham Hall nameplate reducedThe current publicity stand used at Heritage Railway and model railway shows; recently been refreshed to include information relating the 90th Anniversary of the first 10 B17s in service, along with the latest CAD drawings showing the designs for the Rolling Chassis components.
  • Display of the current items we have for sale.
  • Taking centre stage, the recently donated nameplate of ‘Helmingham Hall’ before it goes for restoration – see photo.
  • The raffle

The meeting started at 12.00pm with a brief introduction from our chairman, Brian Hall, introducing our guest speaker, member Mark Allatt, Project Director of the P2 project, The P2 Steam Locomotive Company Ltd. The talk was titled "Creating the P2 'Mikado' Prince of Wales and the Project Launch of LNER Class V4".

Mark took us through, using a series of PowerPoint slides and short videos, the history of the P2s, the progress so far with the new-build 2007 'Prince of Wales', the technical challenges and design changes made or expected, the production of the parts using both traditional, and very new casting techniques, and the various fundraising activities used.

It was fascinating hearing about the problems encountered and the solutions, and the learnings applied from their first new build, Tornado. The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust has a close working relationship with The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust and the P2 team, due to the commonality of LNER parts, suppliers, the sharing of some common casting patterns; by using the same design consultant, design learnings from 2007's development are being applied to 61673 'Spirit of Sandringham'.

Mark concluded his presentation with the planned next new build, a V4 and possible candidates to come after that. An interesting discussion was held as to how the A1/P2 method of fundraising can be applied to our own fundraising, adapting it to our own strengths. Our thanks to Mark for spending so much of his valuable time with us that afternoon. 

Mark Allatt 1 090319 Mark Allatt 2 090319
Mark describing the finer points of the planned P2's boiler B17 members listening intently to Mark Allatt

After a break for refreshments and cake, we resumed with the mid-year update from the directors. Highlights were:

  • The completed static chassis, now approved by the Rail Regulator, Ricardo Rail.
  • Membership continues to grow steadily, with regular donations now from threequarters of the membership and increasing.
  • 3 driving wheels now funded using the ‘Spoke in my Wheel’ campaign, with the 4th started. The latest complete wheel was funded in the fastest time so far.
  • STEM report outlining the moderation training process recently held to review the progress in the 5 Essex schools piloting the STEM material, and the Parliament Week attended by Larry Sampson. (delivered by John Pearson).
  • Financial update by Henry Mullens. Henry also introduced the new trading company set up to raise funds for the trust, called B17 Enterprises Ltd.
  • Peter Wright reported on the Commemoration on the 90th Anniversary at proposed venues across many stations in the Greater Anglia region during 2019, with the support of Abellio Great Anglia.
  • Marketing and PR update from John Peat, who outlined the regular inputs he now gives to the Heritage Railway press, and his successes. He then outlined the new range of products being designed for sale on our stands and online. These will be available shortly in trial quantities.
  • Richard Taylor gave an update on the events being planned for 2019.

A very successful afternoon concluded at around 4.00pm.


AGM 2018 report - 15th September 2018

AGM Report Opening Address 

The Chairman opened the 7thAGM and welcomed 35 members to the meeting. The Director’s report for the year ending 30th April 2018 was jointly presented using slides by the Chairman, Larry Sampson, John Peat, Richard Taylor, Peter Wright, John Pearson and Henry Mullens. The Chairman commented upon the achievements of increased contributions from members including sponsorship donations for the ‘Spoke in My Wheel‘ campaign, with funding well advanced to complete the second driving wheel. The launch of the 61673 Constructors Club had also received early support by members. A further 25% increase in new members during the year also played a significant part in this improvement. Additionally, with donations and sponsorship from our supporters, the general public and our voluntary team’s achievement with sales promotions, the overall total had established a new record level of income. Grateful thanks were expressed for all financial contributions and help provided to realise this achievement.

Area Groups 

Larry Sampson stated that two members had volunteered to be Local Area Group Leaders for each of The Midlands and Beds & Herts. areas. Expressing a vote of thanks to each volunteer, he emphasised improvements in communications whereby Local Area Group members felt that they are in closer touch with the work of the Trust. Meanwhile Larry would continue to handle communications with members in the North of England, Scotland and Overseas. For the future, Larry invited more two-way communication with members such as identifying promotional opportunities, links with other local community groups, ideas to visit places of local interest, ideas and issues that others think are important and general feedback.

As an aid to communication, Larry explained that the Trust had recently introduced a Facebook page to users of Facebook – do give us a look!!


B17 SLT Open Meeting Report - 10th March 2018


As usual, the aim of this open meeting was to appraise the membership and guests of project progress and successes, explaining and discussing any concerns and to share with them plans and ideas for the future. This was achieved by both formal and interactive presentations by the directors on various topics. This was followed by a brief lunch break and then a presentation by a guest speaker.

The directors were pleased to report an increase in both membership numbers and revenue resulting from this and additional public donations for both general income and the Spoke in My Wheel appeal. 

The static chassis build is reaching its final stages with all but one (requiring rework) of the remaining frame stays at Llangollen ready for assembly. The Trust have also contracted with a new independent assessor, Ricardo Rail of Derby, who have completed what proved to be a successful initial audit of the engineering activities of the Trust and Langollen Engineering giving us confidence in the way that we conduct our design and manufacturing processes. In the period of review the Trust has also initiated the work to specify and cost the boiler design and manufacture.

In September, the Trust undertook a major event commemorating the 80th anniversary of the inaugural run of the East Anglian Express between London Liverpool Street and Norwich This involved simultaneous events at both termini and at Ipswich that were well supported by members, railway staff and the travelling public.

Members were also made aware of internal audit results that required some changes to our working practices on the management of the Trust including what was necessary to be compliant with the replacement for the Data Protection Act, now to be known as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The directors then held an interactive session with the members discussing proposals and options on how to increase income to fund the next stage of the design and build. From these discussions the directors will now prepare new fund raising initiatives and review membership terms and conditions for the future.

After what was a very busy first session lunch was taken and then we all relaxed and enjoyed a photographic presentation by Ivan Finbow on railways of East Anglia in the 1950s including several photos of B17s in action before people started on their homeward journeys.


The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust 2017 AGM

The above meeting was held on September 16th 2017 in Stevenage. It was a very successful event and well attended, especially by newer members.

In addition to all the formal business required of a Charitable Trust, there were several presentations from both directors and members on achievements and events of the previous year.

After the break our Guest Speaker, Mr Alan Hayward, gave a presentation on William Marriott, the Engineer and Locomotive Superintendent of the Midland and Great Northern (M & G N) Joint Railway. This concentrated specifically on his use of reinforced concrete for structures such as bridges and signal posts for both the M & G N and other railways.


The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust 2016 AGM Notes and Salient Points

(All information relates to the period of April 1st 2015 to 31st of March 2016)

The director’s report for the year ending 30th April 2016 was jointly presented by Brian Hall (Chairman), Larry Sampson, Geoff Starns and Henry Mullens.

Membership and Income

The combination of increased contributions from members, increased donations from supporters and the general public, sponsorship for specific components and a 25% increase in membership had virtually doubled the level of income compared with the previous year.

The geographical distribution of the membership has resulted in area groups being created and put in place and that the Southend on Sea and Cambridgeshire & Fenland groups had already been established and their method of working agreed in conjunction with each Area Group Leader. The remaining groups are in the process of being rolled out.

Media and Marketing

Media coverage and news reporting about the project through the press and local radio once again featured although the use of paid advertising was reduced. To ensure topical content for the web site and improve the inputs to external media a combined editorial and media interface team Larry Sampson in the Editorial role and John Peat as Press Officer has been created to receive, edit and issue regular external news releases to the railway press, local media and internally the website and newsletter.

Promotional Activities

It has become obvious that the Trust can broaden the scope of promotional activities utilising member’s novel ideas and local knowledge emerging from the Local Area Groups. These can be focussed on commemorative anniversaries, presentations, etc. and could be related to LNER B17s, general railway topics but may also embrace subjects of local interest and be non-railway related.

The promotional stand layout is putting a greater emphasis directed to promand progress to build up the static mainframe for the visiting publics benefit. There has been positive comment from visiting members and the general public regarding the attractive layout and interesting content contained within the information displays which helps to make each venture well worthwhile.

Discussions are also taking place looking at options for the mid- year meeting and members day out for 2017 including combining the two at the Llangollen Railway to view the progress being made on the static frame.

Election of Officers

All officers due to stand down offered themselves for re-election and were unanimously supported for a further term.

Design and Manufacturing progress

The attendees were given an up to date report on this topic and the information is detailed on the “Construction Progress” page of this web site.

Guest Speakers

Two guest speakers were present for the informal part of the meeting.

Malcolm Root (FGRA) explained with examples, the key considerations he used to plan the subject, perspective and details including colour when preparing to paint “Sandringham at Home” showing 61600 Sandringham at Wolferton Station.         

Mike Stanbury presented “Aspects of Railway Preservation” and illustrated his personal memories and involvement from the beginning of steam railway preservation in East Anglia with some of the local pioneers and characters. Restored engines rescued from Barry also featured.                       


The pair of cast brass 'Spirit of Sandringham' nameplates have been completed at Procast of Cleckheaton thanks entirely to our joint sponsors John Dewar, Peter Wright and Ben Colson. They will used for marketing and display purposes, but from time to time will also be fitted to the frames at Llangollen during special events. On Thursday, 21st July, members Godfrey Smith, Peter Wright and Bill Ringham journeyed to Yorkshire to collect them.

The design closely followed that developed by our member Alan Smalley, who produced the full size wooden replica which also incorporated the splasher and running board (plinth). This also continues to serve a useful purpose at promotional events. 'Spirit of Sandringham' is representative of the longest B17 nameplate ‘Lincolnshire Regiment’ both consisting of 21 letters and spaces and 60 inches in length. Not a lot of people know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, 23rd July, courtesy of 'Friends of March Railway Station', these were displayed on a specially constructed wooden frame on the 'up' platform at March station. In the bright sunlight they made an impressive sight and certainly drew admiring looks from local members and other visitors. They certainly helped promote the B17 project in the way it was intended.

The local press, the 'Cambs Times' supported the promotion with good advance publicity. One local high profile visitor was the Mayor of March, Councillor Donelley. Unfortunately the day was so hot that he was unable to wear his chains and robes of office.

The nameplates were subject to another 'Guess the Weight' competition which helped create involvement of the local public and hopefully raise useful additional revenue. 

The new nameplates were then displayed at the Sandringham Flower Show along with the Malcolm Root painting 'Sandringham at Home'.




Malcolm Root painting  'SANDRINGHAM AT HOME'

The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust are delighted to announce completion of the painting 'Sandringham at Home' by Malcolm Root FRGA showing LNER class B17 No. 61600' Sandringham' at the Royal Station of Wolferton in West Norfolk. Wolferton Station was situated on the line between King’s Lynn and the seaside resort of Hunstanton and was closed completely when all services were withdrawn on this once busy route by British Railways in 1969.

Signed prints by the artist of this very fine painting are now available suitable for framing; proceeds go toward 61673 Spirit of Sandringham. Each print including border is 28" x 22" (711mm x 559mm) and size of image is 24"x 17¾" (610mm x 450mm). The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust is most grateful to Malcolm Root for producing the painting and permitting the sale of prints to help provide funds for the new build B17 project.

Price per print is £65, plus £5.00 postage and packing.

Please order via the online shop or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If members and friends are interested in purchasing a copy, they would be well advised to place an order sooner rather than later as numbers are bound to be limited!